Self Made Poem in English – Happy Birthday Bruce

Frosch hÀlt Tafel mit Aufschrift: HÀppy Börsdej

Unser Geschenk fĂŒr unseren Ozzie Dad Bruce zum Geburtstag:

Ein GĂ€stebuch fĂŒr zukĂŒnftige Couchsurfer (guestbook for future couchsurfers) + ein selbstgeschriebenes Gedicht (Self Made Poem in English, Happy Birthday, Bruce!).


Self Made Poem in English –
Happy Birthday, Bruce!

Who is Bruce? You may ask. Superman Logo fĂŒr Bruce
And to answer this is our task.
He is superman without a cape
and a slightly different shape. 😉
(Without pants and that’s not rude.
His favorite colour? That is nude!)

Bruce has the biggest heart on earth.
Much bigger than from here to Perth.
He is caring, smart and fun.
His favorite weather? Hottest sun!

He works as builder with great skills. Graphic: Dogat Beach
To pay every of Buddys bills.
Cause Bud the dog – he loves his treats
And his walks upon the beach.

They are best mates and that‘s for sure.
Bud‘s love for Bruce is good and pure.
And one more thing that is to say:
We too love both in every way!

Thank you so much, Ozzie Dad Herz aus Pfoten
For all the things we have and had.
For everything that you shared
For all the issues that you cared.

No matter if we’re near or far
Stay as perfect as you are! 🙂

Selfmade Poem in English - Happy Birthday and many balloons for you, Bruce!

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